The unit is interested in the mortality and health status of populations in France and worldwide.  Its work focuses on the population of a country as a whole or on sub-populations (migrants, prisoners, people with diseases such as cystic fibrosis, HIV positive people...). International comparisons are an important part of the unit’s activity. In the field of mortality, research focuses on the evolution of and differences in life expectancy (between countries, between social categories, between men and women in particular), on mortality at very old ages and on the causes of death (reconstitution of time series, multiple causes of death, etc.). Health is approached from different angles (chronic diseases, situations of disability or dependence, perceived health), from the point of view of its consequences (care, mortality) and its determinants, whether they are individual or contextual.

Our research focuses on three areas:

Health and mortality disparities

Longevity, aging and autonomy

Geographic disparities in mortality: analysis of causes of death to shed light on the health transition.



We also participate in the development of international databases on health and mortality accessible online:

Covid-19 Demography by Death

Human Mortality Database

International Longevity Database

European Health Expectancy Database

European Health Expectancy Database

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